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Click Click! 032: Firmware upgrades…

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Bugs, bugs, and bugs are everywhere. So what happens when your electronic device like a TV, DVD Drive, or camera in our case have a problem.

Well it’s time to look at firmware upgrades.  It is an upgrade for the software that operates that the device, and usually you cannot un-do it after upgrading. The reason I’m discussing this is because there’s actually a new firmware upgrade (released on 11/30) for Canon 550D / T2i.

Should you upgrade or not?

It’s usually a good idea to upgrade your hardware to the latest firmware as I would.

Canon T2i/550d 1.0.9 Firmware:

1.0.9 fixes “a phenomenon in which tone jumps become noticeable in some images, depending on the shooting scene, when shooting with the Auto Lighting Optimiser settings (Low / Standard / Strong)”.

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  • jqhuynh

    I’m sure Canon tested the firmware thoroughly enough before deciding to release it. I personally would hold off for at least a month before applying an update. Get some feedback first from the general public. Also if the fix isn’t worthwhile I wouldn’t bother. Lastly, make sure an update doesn’t cripple your camera just like how Panasonic decided to release an update last year to prevent the use of aftermarket batteries in their cameras!