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Talk about assholes….WOW Comcast!! WOW!!

So as if they put a 250gig cap on your “unlimited” internet is not enough, they block torrent traffic….oooh NOW the newest thing they are up to……blocking NetFlix. Level 3 Communications feed videos thru the internet and their biggest customer is NetFlix and Comcast is demanding MORE money for more bandwidth. And if they want to continue the streaming to all Comcast customers, “pay up!!” is what Comcast said. WOW….whats next? maybe block all websites that has the word “adult” in it? OR start charging MORE on channels that you don’t even want? WAIT they DO do that already….. I feel sorry for you folks that has Comcast and is stuck with them. Sorry dudes and dudettes that you have to live in a Comcast Communist Nazi camp.


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  • Miranda

    I hate Comcasts internet services. I was going to school online, and all my homework had to be in at a certain time- well Comcast always seemed to manage to screw that up for me! 2 weeks into the semester I switched to DISH, and that was 3.5 years ago! After school I became an employee of DISH, and I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I am. Never had any issues with my internet, that’s for sure!

  • legna

    !!! how mean they are!!! they block torrent traffic! ?