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Best Computer Games from the 80s

Well, this list is according to and compiled by (link to follow). This post is in response to Boyd’s “Rant of the Week” from last week, about kids nowadays will not know what the difference is between “hard” in the video games of yesteryear compared with the video games of today. I remember playing Gauntlet, Lode Runner, and SimCity on the old Macintosh platform and it was in monochrome too! No color like what you see above! EVERYTHING was in GRAYSCALE! And let me tell ya, all those games were HARD! I never did beat any of those games… I don’t know if they were even beatable… all of them seemed like they had an unlimited number of levels, with each one increasing in difficulty as you progressed. Unlike the games of today, when some gamers nowadays complain when a game is “too short” or when it’s not “hard enough.” Like Boyd mentioned last week, they won’t appreciate that fact in this day and age when we are blessed with “unlimited” respawns and constant save points. Another thing that these “young’uns” probably won’t appreciate is the graphics. Take a quick look at the images in the article if you haven’t already. When I see those images, it’s like nostalgia for me. I remember what’s it like to grow up playing games looking shitty like this. If you go ask someone who was born in the 1990s and later what do they think of these games, they’ll probably say just that — “shitty” — because they are too used to crisp-looking graphics nowadays and will shy away from a game just cause it “doesn’t look realistic enough.” Sigh. Call me an old geezer if you want, but I sure miss the good ol’ days. Perhaps I’m gonna go dust off my old systems tonight and see if they still work. Or maybe I’ll just find an emulator online and go relive my childhood.


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