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Rant of the Week – Kids these day will never know the word “HARD” for a videogame


Kids these days are all about “HALO” this or “HALO” that. Games that will “respawn” right where they died or left off. They don’t care for crap. They care about “multiplayer” or “graphics”. They don’t care how much work people put in a game or how hard the game is anymore. I remember back then when I was a kid I played Contra on Nintendo. It was 3 or 4 lives is all you get. There was no save points or anything. If you use up all your “continues” or lives, you are done for, you have to begin from the very beginning, STAGE 1. NO you don’t come back from the save point. I remember when I played Mario, there is NO save. There is NO CODE!!!…. You have to earn those 1-ups. I remember when I played Final Fantasy VI, there was no amazing graphics, there was no voice overs. There was text and you have to read. Oh no, people don’t get voice or no pretty graphics, they cry and yell and scream. PLEASE……I go even back further. When I first go back to my first experience with videogames, it was on the Atari. It was white blocks, you are lucky if you get color. You actually have to use your imagination. IMAGINATION!!!!! And you parents wonder where all the imagination went, where all future hope will be? Another words…….YOU SPOILED BRATS!!!! SHUT THE F*CK UP WITH YOUR DAMN HALO!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!

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