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Turkey Day is coming, you know what that means? BLACK FRIDAY!!!

So folks, Turkey Day is just 3 days away, counting today and you y’all know what that means? BIG SAVINGS on BLACK FRIDAY.

I say that, but I am never a big fan of Black Friday savings cause I know that whatever that the stores have marked down as a “bargain” item is always crap-tastic. I always end up buying the most expensive item. But there are folks that has lined up already for the doors on Friday to be opened up. People these days just get there early and line up for just for the heck of it. They aren’t even going to buy anything, they just want to be there so they can get on TV onto their local news or even get something for free. Check this jerk out here and picture below. The dude and his wife which goes by the name, Ryan and Lorie Davenport is there since last Wednesday. LAST WEDNESDAY!!! Dude, don’t you have a f*kin job? And for a week? REALLY? Dude, so you are not going to take a bath? And where are they going to do their number 1’s and 2’s. And if you read the article, its not even about the bargains, its about beating some other dude that usually earlier than them. What the hell? How is this OK? And Best Buy is allowing this and rewarding them with IPads? What the hell? SO next year we will hear every jerk and asshole will do this and they will hope to get a IPad.

Lame!!! LAME!!!!!! Folks what does this story tell you? It tells you that, WHY WORK FOR AN IPAD!!!??? When you can go to Best Buy, camp in front of them and block all their actual paying customers and ask for IPads. Why work when you can become a jerky hobo………

For folks that read the misleading title and was hoping to look for a savings list…..
Here you go

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