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Did You Know: Let’s all do some good deeds for this holiday season!

Holiday season is here, we are all looking forward to the family gathering and the feast that comes with in this happy time of the year!  When we are enjoying our turkey and baked goods, there are people who are suffering from hunger.  Remember we are the blessed ones that are able to GIVE and HELP the needy people and families, so donate that can of cranberry or loaf of bread that you bought extra to help the others to combat hunger!

Did you know: 

~Hunger facts about Eastern Massachusetts~

– 320,000 people or 7% of the population uses emergency food programs annually

– More than 1 in 3 needy households served has a child under the age of 18

– Over 10% of those who receive emergency food assistance are 65 or older

– 57% of the needy that are served have to choose between food and rent, medicine, or heat

– 84% have a place to live but cannot get the food they need

For more info, visit The Greater Boston Food Bank to see how you can help and where to donate.

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