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If only game console wars are this epic…..

Back then we had gazillion of consoles and handhelds to choose from, from Gameboy to Lynx, to Nintendo to Sega Master System and each system has its own unique games and each system has its perks and downs. Now these days everything is the same. You can get a XBOX360 and the game you got yesterday will be coming out for PS3 and vice versa. Boring. There is really no point in fighting who wins or not anymore. There is no pride to owning any console anymore. I remember when I told my friends that I had PS1, my friends where jealous of me……SIGH~~~~…….. And then you have systems that does everything. Why can’t it just play games and have the system focus on games? I blame the consumers. But anyway, check this flash video out, its epic and nostalgic. I take no credit for this, I just wanted to share. The work of RSF, sikamako and a translation from Gabe Glick, I present to you SEGA Fantasy VI: International. Enjoy. (FINAL FANTASY III (VI) RULES!!!!!)

Click on “New Game” to start.

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