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Click Click! 030: A peek inside my camera bag…what, a camera manual?

"Camera Manual" F4 | 1/30s | ISO 250

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”
-Just a simple guy with a camera

As a avid photographer, I certainty carry all my gear all the time. This question came in from one of the readers.

“When you go out, what stuff do you usually bring with you?”

Alright, whenever I go out, I bring this laundry list of items:

List after the break:

  1. Camera – obviously you need this to shoot photos.
  2. 18-55mm lens – mid zoom lens that allows me to shoot cover a good range from landscape to portraits.
  3. 50mm lens (F1.8) – the only reason is it’s a fast prime lens and great for portraits
  4. 11-16mm lens and hood – wide angle primarily for landscape
  5. Battery charger – in case I run of juice
  6. Manual- Yes, a manual, and it is as important as any of those item.

On a plane ride, someone next to me ask me, “what are you reading there?”

I replied “A manual”

That wasn’t interesting was it. I find that the manual always refreshes my memory on many of the trillion settings find on the camera. Even if you had the best camera, or have a wealth of knowledge in photography, you would suck at taking photos if you do not know how to use the camera like your right hand.

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