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Forget about falling asleep, no more yawning in class.

So this Cornell professor was pissed cause some dude yawned in his class. OOOOhhh I remember my days in school when I fell asleep in class and no one cared as long I passed. What the hell happened? I thought we paid to be educated, not to be yelled at. Its bad manners in all to be yawning loudly but did he had to go fired up and start yelling at everybody in class? I don’t know, there are two sides to this one, folks can say..”he is right, if you have no interest, then don’t come to class….” but what if the student that yawned was working on a paper last nite and didn’t get much sleep but also find this professors class to be SO important that he had to make it to class even if he is sleepy. I say….”professor, go take a chill pill..”, and can you blame the guy to yawn? watch all the way till the end and guess what subject he is teaching, I would yawn too…..I feel like yawning now…….keyword..”KILOBYTE”

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