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Cool or Boo: True Clean Towel?

Umm…. this one I am a little skipteical.  This towel is called the “True Clean Towel”, it’s not made of special fabric that make the towel “True Clean” or gem-free.  It is called the “True Clean Towel” is because there is a “body” picture on the towel, indicating the head and bottom. 

The concept is for people to know which part of the towel they use to wipe their faces, feet, or ahem… other private areas.  If people wipe their body as indicated on the “body” figure on the towel, they can avoid using the same section of the towel that they wiped their feet one day to wipe their faces the next day. 

The Towel costs $19 each plus shipping, if they have different colors, or maybe a female body verison instead of the boring grey body picture,  I might actually get one just for fun or as a gift.   

For those who are interested, here’s the site to order,,  AND here’s a video…. (i have to say, the video looks like it’s selling something else instead of the “towel”…)

"The True Clean" towel, Cool or Boo?

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