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Nom Nom Nom – Review: Oishii Boston

Gee, it seems like ages since I last wrote a real one of these. Well, Nom Nom Nom is back this week… and it’s yet another sushi restaurant review. If you recall way back, the very first review I did was for Oishii as well, but that was for the one in the Chestnut Hill area of MA. Well, this review is for the other location they have closer to the downtown area of Boston, more specifically in the South End.

Oishii Boston
1166 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02118

Review Date: October 2010

Upon entering, the first obvious thing that one will notice that is different from the Chestnut Hill location is Oishii Boston is much bigger, AND also much, much fancier as well. And when a place looks that fancy, I can give you one guess as to how much things on the menu would cost. But, more on that in a second. As for the ambiance, I would say Oishii Chestnut Hill is cozy, but Oishii Boston is… luxurious. It has much fancier decor, tables, chairs, and even booths too. There is one small thing I didn’t like about it though: it was too dark. You can say that it’s mood lighting and that it gives the place a romantic feeling but there can be a point when it gets too dark — like when you can’t even see what you’re eating — but maybe that was their intentions. I found myself busting out the flashlight on my phone just to be able to read the menu; it may have seem like a joke, but I was actually half serious.

Anyways, about the food, we only ordered some makis, and I’ll tell you why in a bit. If I recall, we had ordered: the Hamachi maki, Alligator maki, White Tiger maki, Tokyo Style Soft Shell Crab maki, and one more in which I’m blanking out on now. Heck, I’m not even sure if the first two I listed are right. (This was a few weeks ago and I can barely remember what I ate yesterday :P) Moving on… the maki’s were alright. I know for sure we ordered the soft shell crab cause I had requested that specifically but hmm, I found it tasted more or less the same as other places in which I’ve had it at. Nothing spectacular. In fact, to me, nothing we had ordered really stood out as overly “nom nom nom” at this place and for the price they cost, that’s quite a bit disappointing. The price range of the maki’s cost from $11.00 to as much as $30.00 and that’s pretty much like from “REAL” California Roll (whatever that means) to the Abalone Maki or something with Kobe Beef in it. We had only settled for the makis because we didn’t think the other stuff was worth the price they were listed at. For example, $65.00 for 10 pcs. of “Chef’s Choice Special Sushi,” $8 PER piece of sashimi, or $10 PER piece of shrimp tempura. Really? Shrimp tempura? PER piece? Yeah really??? Just doesn’t seem like it’s worth it… So, it’s a good thing that we had a gift certificate to this place that night (probably why we went) and the damage only came out to be $20/person, but note: we had only ordered 4-5 maki’s though. If we didn’t have that discount, then we’d probably all be taking second mortgages out on our homes right now just to finance this dinner.

Money: $$$$ (out of 4)

Good date place? Sure, it’s dim enough to be romantic, so I guess so. Haha.

Grade: C

Would I return? (Yay or nay): Nay, most likely not.

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