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ABC3 Podcast: Episode 30 – PlayStation Phone

In case you all didn’t know, Sony is further merging the best of their both worlds in the mobile phone and gaming markets and coming out with the PlayStation Phone. In this latest episode, find out more details about the PlayStation Phone and let us know whether this interests you and if you would get it or not.


Would you get the PlayStation Phone when it comes out?

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  • Dennis

    Not cool, maybe the worst one yet. A debate format? seriously?.

  • rkwan

    Maybe we should have judges. =p

  • legna

    lol this is funn, can u guys have audience there so i can boo and cheer at u guys like they do in American Idol?

  • Legna

    ooh i thought akwan and ricky switched seat is because he wants to get closer to his lover darth vader!