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Click Click! 029: Couple of ways to fix overexposed photos in Photoshop CS4…

"Taller or Shorter than the Golf Ball?"(cropped) F4.0 | 1/400s | ISO 100

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”
-Just a simple guy with a camera

Either sometimes it is by accident or sometimes you are shooting in the bright afternoon sun. You generally get over exposure photo: the subject or everything in the photo appear to be washed out (as you can see in the above photo).

While typically you may be able to adjust the aperture or shutter speed priority, or even check out the histogram to ensure that you got the right exposure. Sometimes, we humans, may make some mistakes, as I do many times, perhaps taking a photo wearing *cough cough* my sunglasses.

Well fear not, this week I have a relative short tutorial (no video this week) on post editing in Photoshop CS 4 after the break:


1. Go to Image, and select Auto-Tone.

**This is the easiest method, and may not suit your tastes.


2.  Go to Adjustments, select Shadows/Highlights. Here you can adjust the amount level of shadows and highlights to correct your photo.


3. Duplicate the background layer. Select multiply and lower the opacity level.
Here is my final result, and I used method 3 with the opacity level at 69%.

Photo corrected.

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