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Rant of the Week – Unconsiderate PC game developers.

I am no BIG PC gamer. I admit, I do play some though, Simcity 2000, 3000 and 4 then The Sims 2 and 3, Spore, The Last Remnant and some others. Nothing too fancy but some of these games out there are just crazy. They require specs that is outrageous. Does the developer expect people to buy a BRAND new computer every time they release a new game? Do they consider that some people are not BIG companies that they can buy new computers every year? Example, we have companies like Crytek that developed Crysis and Crysis 2. Crysis 2 is the new game that suppose to be the new “benchmark” for computers. When did computers become MAINLY for games? I see more and more computers out there are spec’ed out to just play games. I always though games where just a bonus. There are leaked info on the net that Crysis 2 will only run on medium settings with a Quad Core computer and needs atleast 4 gigs of ram. Those things are not cheap you know. An Alienware computer is a over $3000. $3000!!!! PS3 is $300 and you have people complaining it is too expensive. Then you have those jerks that compare PS3 and XBOX360’s graphics with the PC version at FULL SPEC and HIGH settings. There is no comparison, thats stupid to even start comparing. SHUT UP YOU FREAKIN GEEK!!!

In short, why can’t they make good games that current computers that people have can play?

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  • Redmax

    actually the situation you are describing is true of most games over the years. Think back, to play Quake I you needed at least a Pentium 90 or better to play it, it would run on lesser hardware but you needed a Pentium or ran like crap. You also needed a 3d accelerator to get the most from the game, which was an additional cost. Quake 3, Doom 3, Crysis any of these fast paced games require the latest hardware to run. This is because they are designed for the latest hardware. That’s not to say they aren’t enjoyable to play 3 years after their initial release, heck they are usually cheaper by then.

    Case in point. I still play Unreal Tournament 3 on a regular basis and its hella old.

    Sucks you have to upgrade to play, but its not new by any stretch, sadly “THIS” is the main reason that all PC gamers are actually console ports and not original titles.