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25 years of “Back to the Future”

We did a podcast on time traveling long long time ago, AGAIN its not one of our best but we did it. We mention ALOT of “Back to the Future” in the podcast and it won’t be right to NOT say anything about its 25th Anniversary.

I am a geek, I admit it, but come on “Back to the Future”. You can’t tell me that you never seen it before. You have to, you must. If you haven’t, you should. This year marks the 25th year anniversary. Its a classic, I mean every channel on TV except the weather channel and the playboy channel must have broadcasted it sometime or another. There are millions of inspired fan films. There is even a new game that is being developed by Telltale Games to celebrate it. The movie inspired the auto tying shoe “power laces” which Nike is actually working on and the hover board, no real prototype yet, but someone is close see here. I don’t care much for the auto laces but I want to try out the hover board.

I don’t know, I am excited, I figured I share this news to y’all.

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