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McD’s burgers do rot, just need to be in the right condition like any other burgers.

I am sure you all heard about the rumor where McDonald’s burger don’t rot. You leave them out and they don’t rot…..see here. And the world went on a craze and said McDonald’s burgers are “bionic” or how its dangerous to eat the burger and so on and so forth. Well while I remember my brother telling me about this (yes he is a vegetarian so thats why he was so smug when he was telling me about this). I told him that, thats stupid, if you leave it outside and if the wind is blowing, its just going to blow it dry like any other food. Of course he didn’t believe me and told me that I am horrible and disgusting for eating meat. And I told him to..”go shove it you DAMN DIRTY HIPPY!!!”.

But today I get to go home tonite and say…”HA!!! TAKE THAT ASS!!!” As I first figured, it just dries out the food, and this person, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, further explains here, mold thrive on moisture. If there is not enough moisture, nothing will grow. If there is wind to blow dry the food, then there is no moisture. So in short, McDonald’s is bad for you but NO they don’t make bionic burgers.

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