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Cool or Boo: Butter Packages that comes with Butter Knife – BLaw edition

So Legna is out, she TOO is on vacation so I am here to fill in for her this week. This is a concept, its basically a plastic container of butter and spreader like shape lid covers the container. Nothing too extravagant, any hobo off the street can think of this but you know why people HAVEN’T mass produced this yet? I would think it cost too much. Wood? really? yeah they can make it plastic but won’t that create MORE trash? Whats wrong with the tin foil of butter? Really, these product designers just really design, they don’t think of the results can cause catastrophe. Think of the trees that needs to be taken down to make a stupid spreader for a packaged butter. Think of the shipping cost.

Anyway its designed by Yeongkeun Jeong and you can see more here

Butter Package with Butter Knife as the lid, Cool or Boo?

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