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Leave it to Sesame Street to poke fun on society.

I remember when I was a kid, I use to watch Sesame Street ALL THE TIME. I still remember the one where its inside a pinball machine and it does the counting of the numbers. It was cool. Big Bird always has some kind of issue, Cookie Monster is addicted to cookies and I hated Elmo now and I hated him then.

I personally haven’t watched Sesame Street for ages, but never know, maybe someday when I become un-single and have a kid I will pick it up again. Apparently the Sesame Street’s these days is more like a lighter version of SNL. Check the video out below and it shows how sad today society is. People are SOOOO into their “apps”. Since its on Sesame Street, it have to be kids we are talking about. What happened? Don’t kids go out to ride a bike, play ball regularly anymore? What happened? I blame the parents……

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