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No More Happy Meal in San Francisco

Look, I am all cool with eating healthy and stuff. Heck I have been eating healthy when I can. Less meat, less oily food and more salads and less processed food. Its my choice to do so, no one made me. But San Francisco just passed a ordinance to ban McDonald’s Happy Meal. When I was a kid, I love the Happy Meal. I get a quick meal and get a cool toy, well probably not cool, but a toy none the less.

So basically they passed the ordinance for the children. BUT MY BIG question is, why does the government have to step in and say what people can eat or not eat? Shouldn’t the parents do that? The government control what kids eat now, then what is there to stop them to attempt to make EVERYONE eat what the government want? Then sooner or later we will be made to wear clothes only to the government standard. Then why not we just go and become communist? Is this right? Can San Fran citizens really allow this? I just think its our right to choose what we eat or not eat, or what we feed or not feed to our children. Its the parents job to not make the kid all plump, not the government. Governments should be figuring out how to stop global warming, stop crimes, stop starving kids from starving.

I don’t know, but if you plan to go to San Fran for a trip with your kids, here are the rules..

  • Calories: Less than 600
  • Sodium: Less than 640 milligram.
  • Fat: Less than 35 percent of calories from fat; Less than 10 percent from saturated fat (with exception for nuts, seeds, eggs or low-fat cheese).
  • Fruits & Vegetables: At least half a cup of fruit or three-quarters of a cup of vegetables

Make sure you follow them, or you will be breaking the law.

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