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25 years of Super Mario Brothers. and yes, Veggie Z will come in later today.

Sorry guys, Veggie Z is late today….do to stupid technical problems……but anyway….while I gripe and yell and throw stuff at my computer at work for now. But while hoping Mario can buy me some time.

Did you know Super Mario Bro’s has been around for 25 years already. The first Super Mario Bro game was released on September 13, 1985. We are not talking about Mario Bros where you run around in the same screen and flip over crabs and then kick them, NOOOOO not that game. I am talking about the game that came with your grey Nintendo.

Well for 25 years Nintendo has made multiple Super Mario games, from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario RPG to Super Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy. You can’t say you haven’t play atleast 1 of them. Nintendo is releasing a new collection, well not really new, its the same game from Super Nintendo, Super Mario All-Stars but they are releasing it on the Wii. As if they didn’t rip our money enough already. Anyway……Happy late 25th BDay. Live LONG and PROSPER.

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