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Nom Nom Nom – Apple Cider: Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Starbucks

So Autumn is finally here… or has been here already. Halloween is fast approaching and then soon it will be Thanksgiving and so Christmas will also be here as you know it. Boy we are reaching the end of 2010 very soon… sigh, where has all the time gone?? It just seems like yesterday that only 2010 just started (I know this sounds cliche, but it literally does feel that way… :P) Anyways, so comes the holiday season, comes the holiday festivities with lots of food and drinks. One of the holiday traditions is drinking apple cider.

It seems that the cash cows that they are, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are both cashing in on the change of seasons and are offering some apple cider drinks of their own on the menu for a limited time. Recently, I got to try each of their “Fall classic” drinks. At Dunkin’ Donuts, I tried their hot apple cider. And at Starbucks, since it was a pretty mild day out at that time, I decided to go for the cold apple cider. After drinking them both, I concluded that they weren’t really anything special… they just tasted like apple cider, even though I did like them both, but I may be a little bit bias since I like anything that’s apple flavor… If I had to think long and hard about it (that’s what she said), I would say maybe Dunkin’s tasted just a bit more watered down than Starbucks, if ever so slightly. But since I’m not a coffee drinker and if I got thirsty while walking out somewhere with either Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks around and I wasn’t craving tea, I would get their apple cider just to try it and quench my thirst. Otherwise, I would much rather buy a gallon of apple cider from the grocery store and bring it home to boil it and mull it with various other spices and make a *hard* version as well, if you know what I mean… 😉 Hmm, in fact, I just ought to carry a nip of rum or brandy around and just pour it into my DD or SB cider so I can have a little “party-in-my-cup-to-go” too… good idea!

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