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Time Traveler was in Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus…..

OK, we did a podcast LONG LONG LONG time ago about time travelling, it was not our greatest podcast but ANYWAY, I never would think its real. Actually I still don’t know if its real but check this video out…… Watch the fat lady….. she is talking on a cellphone, or she is nuts…… but more like a cellphone. I know, you might say..”so? everyone uses cellphones…”, yeah I agree BUT this is clip is from 1928, Charlie Chaplin’s The Circus…. Cellphones didn’t exist back then. There is no cellphone towers. How can this be? is this real or is it some CG fakery?

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  • jqhuynh

    Akwan is notorious for being an instigator! Always starting shit and then hides to watch the show.

  • blaw

    I have no comment, you just post that for the sake of arguing……

  • akwan

    How did you know there weren’t any cellphones/celltowers back in the 20s? Were you born during that time? If so, then I can’t argue with you. But if you are basing on history books, then you can’t expect to believe everything that people has told you. Unless you traveled back in time and saw it with your own eyes that there were no cellphones back then, then I would believe that there could be cellphones back then. I still dream of a world with flying cars, floating hoverboards, self-tying shoelaces, auto blow-drying vests, and microwavable freeze-dried meals. With that said, anything is possible.