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Click Click! 027: Photoshop CS4: Spot Healing Tool

Minimal Edit "Photo of our Fabulous Model" F1.8 | 1/160 | ISO 100

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”
-Just a simple guy with a camera

This week, I bring a very quick and dirty trick for a noob like I on how to correct blemishes and pimples on your photo.  Check it out in video on’s model of the year.

4 minute tutorial after the break:

If you have any questions or tips or like this article, please email me at Happy Clicking!

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  • elau

    Very well presented!

  • akwan

    Take careful note: rkwan can only perform “spot healings” not miracles…

  • rkwan

    Billy-boy: Sure, submit a photo of you to me. I’m sure I’m gonna make you look like Arnold.

  • billy-boy

    Hey dude,

    I need a new pic for Would you make me look like 6 11 and the arm bigger than my butt.

  • jqhuynh

    Model of the year but there are only 2 months left in the year. Boyd, I think you got ripped off man. I hope you sign a better contract for 2011.

  • akwan

    Hey! What is Legna trying to say about me here?! ><!

  • rkwan

    Anon – LOL; to give boyd-san 10 years younger means no SC2 for me yesterday night, but well worth it.

    Legna – Thanks, I always like to do things step by step. So there are more things to be updated. Yeah, I was considering akwan, but i want the single guy to shine!

  • legna

    good job, ur video tutorial is getting better and better~

    i think u should do it on akwan’s pic instead to show a bigger contrast 😡

  • anon

    omg you are such a magician. single guy looks 10 years younger.