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Mis-Adventures of Veggie Z: “Final Fantasy Veggie Z”

This week we have Veggie Z and his friends star in a RPG. I remember when I was a kid I LOVED Final Fantasy VI or better known in the US, Final Fantasy III. I played it over and over and over again. Hit it up at the bottom and check it out.

Posted in Webcomics.

  • Yiyi

    I love the drawing you did boyd! Nice Photoshop retouch. And cute characters…u have some artistic talent;)

  • rkwan

    Very nice indeed; I love running shoes *it gives haste*;
    Keep up the good work;

  • legna

    i like the new design and new characters! good job!

  • anon

    Just cast vanish and x zone and you can kill anything in the game with no effort. Add running shoes to the two casters…….