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I guess all hope IS NOT LOST for our future generations…

As you know, we humans are parasites, we use and then throw away and cause damage to things…but unlike a REAL parasite, which uses it host and then move on to the next when a better suitor comes along, we never thought we had another option as human than just to sit here and accept out fate of our planet dieing. BUT….BUT scientist recently discovered a near by planet,to be exact….the fourth planet in the Gliese 581 star system, that is VERY VERY VERY similar to earth. The conditions are suppose to be similar to the point that we humans can live comfortably on it…. BUT there is a catch, it small, ………….SOOOOOO I guess only a selected few can go. Uuuummmm where can I send in my security deposit for a apartment over there? That will secure a spot right?

To read up more…which I am sure is MUCH MORE accurate than what I have here……hit up the link below…I am sure this link your wife or girlfriend won’t give you looks after they see this in your history….

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