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Cool or Boo: The SEIL Backpack for Cyclists

When i see those cyclists on the road, balancing themselves on the bicycle, extending out one hand to do the turn signals AND turn their head around to see if there’s any car approaching, I always feel scared for them.  I am so afraid that their bicycles will tip over and get crushed by a car!  I highly recommend all cyclists get a SEIL backpack, it is probably the best thing ever designed for cyclists. 

 The SEIL backpack features a LED display and a detachable controller.  It can display cruise signal, brake signal and emergency signal.  The cyclist control the signals with the detachable controller,  also a cool feature of the bag is it has an acceleration sensor to detect speed and will turn on stop signal automatically. 

By the way, I actually don’t know why the bag is called SEIL, can anyone figure it out? Post your ideas in the comments below.

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