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Our very first video short – “The Carpool”

For a nice little change of pace and to spare you from yet another week of a “Nom Nom Nom” restaurant review, I present to you, our very first video short! Please watch and enjoy and bare with us as this was our first time doing something like this ever and keep in mind that we worked with whatever little crew we have and that we are on a little to non-existent budget (hah!).

For more background info on this short, click on the jump below.

Conceived, written, shot, and edited in about 2 weeks, we entered this short (with a few slight tweaks to each version, due to different parameters with duration) into 2 contests recently: one for the MassCommute/TranSComm summer challenge and the other for the Interpretations film festival, an initiative of You Offend Me, You Offend My Family.

The whole reason for the lack of dialogue is because the premise of Interpretations is: a pre-written script was given to us and that we had to think of a way to use those exact lines, verbatim, in the same exact order which they were written in, hence how we “interpret” those 4 lines.

Our story is how a daily morning commuter gets tired of being stuck in traffic all the time on his way to work (and I know we’ve all been there at least once in our lives!) and he tries to conjure up a way to circumvent his troubles and frustration, which just leads the way for more troubles and frustration. Watch and find out what happens to our commuter!

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