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Click Click! 021: Protect your lens…(Part II)

"Lens Hood" f5 |1/15s | ISO 400

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”
-Just a simple guy with a camera

Let’s begin by answering a question we had from Protect your lens…(Part I). We are all learning this stuff together. Then we will introduce another accessory in addition to the filter to help protect your lens.

“However, wouldn’t you want to use other filters to create other types of effect on your pictures?”

Response: Yeah, there are filters that you want to use create specific types of effect on your photo. Yeah, like the starlight filter or warming/cooling filters. Perhaps for effects, I always think you can do mostly with post-production.  (please do let me know otherwise what effect can’t be done post). As you wouldn’t use CPL (polarizer) filter to protect your lens since it will actually block 2 stops (correct me if I am wrong) of light. So a clear filter or UV lens filter is the most affordable method to protect your lens from dust, and physical hammering.

While researching on lens filter for Part I, there’s also an accessory that you can use in addition to filters to protect your expensive, pretty lens: Lens Hood.

Lens hood primarily purposes is used to reduce glare or lens flare. The secondary purpose is to protect your lens. Your kid’s hand cannot reach the lens. Or as you’re shooting and running (happens to me as well), you sometimes go without the lens cap.

Since I have a bag to hold all my gear, I guess it’s worth a small investment to invest into a lens hood. Most likely, I will have a full article in the future on the analysis (details) if a lens hood is relevant to me or not.

Stay tuned, for next bi-weekly photo challenge due on 09/15 will be “The Howling August? Moon”.

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