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Rant of the Week – The knock off Dyson fan

Ok, I was never a fan of Dyson anything ever since I found out their vacuums don’t really lose suction forever. Its just a glorified regular vacuum that has a great marketing team behind it. The Dyson blade-less fan is no less. It claims to be noiseless and claims to be whatever times more power full than a regular fan. Well I saw one the other day at sears and it was like standing next to a airplane engine. Its was so LOUD!!!…. Now with that aside, I just want to make it clear that I AM NOT the only person trashing the Dyson blade-less fan. MANY PEOPLE ARE, calling it a pointless reinvention SO I ask why the hell would some one go make a knockoff, and thats not it, have the price to price around the same as the original? If its that expensive, then why won’t I get the Dyson original? SIGH~~~ can you atleast put a clock on it? LAZY!!

If you wish to read more about it, here you go…

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