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Cute girl huh? Yeah……

Yeah I am confused here too, she is a DUDE!!! YOUR READ IT…..From japan, goes by the name Kayo Satoh, he had the whole japanese population fooled. She, I mean he is a model for many many magazines. Not to mention that she is a host in some TV shows. UUUmmmmmm I am confused, ok so am attracted to guys? I’m not a homophobe, just a little confused here…….hhhhmmmmm uuummmm yeah, then again I am open to options. HEH…

I guess if you want to read more, you can do so here

He even sound like a girl……oooh not to mention, she, I mean, he suppose plays a mean game of street fighter as well. Video below includes that but I guess she is faking the play in the beginning cause she pulls of combos like nothing in the end and supposedly she was in the same tournament as Daigo was in and she was in the higher rankings. Enjoy….

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