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Cool or Boo: The 3-in-1 Baby Stroller

This product I am introducing should be very useful for all my newlywedded friends.  It is a 3-in-1 baby stroller called the Babyoom,  a stroller that is so useful that it can be a baby stroller, a children’s cycle, or a shopping cart for the moms.  For until age of 3, the Babyoom can be used as a baby pram and car seat, after your baby grows older, the Babyoom can be folded as a bicycle, and when the kid gets bored of the bicycle, the mom can use it as a shopping cart!  See how useful this is!  No more baby stroller and children’s bicycle stored in the basement, you can still make use of the Babyoom even your baby is all grown up and gone to college!  (okay I am skipping ahead, am I?)

You think it will be out on the market soon so I can get it for my friends’ baby shower ??

The Babyoom, Cool or Boo?

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  • wip328

    Here comes the negative comments… I am a parent so I should know if this is useful or not. First of all, if I go grocery shopping and have to lug out this thing in to the store as a shopping cart then it already creates an inconvenience. Most grocery stores even small stores like CVS have shopping carts available so I definitely won’t use it as a shopping cart. Second, Ivana at 20 months already don t like riding in her stroller and this thing is for 3 years old, I think most kids around that age should be walking on their own. Plus the space is so small, I doubt a 3 year old would feel comfortable in the tight space. Finally, use it as tricycle…well by 6 years old, I think most kids today are on bikes…other kids would mock you for riding a tricycle at 6. Most strollers for early age infants are design to be used with the carriage as a car seat. So that the stroller folds up and the carriage will be used as the car seat. The actual stroller should have a storage compartment. Then once they grow older, there is a different stroller for toddlers. The 2nd stroller should be lighter in weight but it does not have the carriage portion, so you actually have to purchase separate car seat. If this company wants to build a product for multiple use, then they should built one that can be useful for infants as well as toddlers so that parents can buy 1 system and last them for a few years. I think thats what they are trying to achieve, but they failed because in the real world 3 year olds do not want to be confined in a tight space like that. 6 year olds do not ride tricycle, and adults do not need to bring their own shopping cart as it is already provided.