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Rant of the Week – Apple’s Magic Track Pad

Ok, this is lame. I really REALLY try very very hard not to talk about Apple products anymore, really but this puts it over the top. Apple’s Magic Track Pad, its the damn stinkin touch pad that people have been using forever since laptop was invented. First of all why is it call “Apple’s Magic Track Pad”? Does it do magic? Does pull a rabbit out of its batter hole? Does it print money? I understand that its multitouch but I am sure there is some other product out there that does the job already. COME ON!! REALLY!!! COME ON APPLE FAN BOYS STOP BUYING EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUR OF STEVE JOB’S ASS!!!

Like I said before and I will say it again, I am no Apple hater. I have the Iphone, Iphone 4 none the less. Its a great phone. That I boast about, show off to the ladies. But I can’t with this piece of junk. Its a track pad. Go on you over weight, pony tailed, pizza greased T-shirt apple fanboy, go buy it, you only making Steve Job’s richer. Same goes for you stupid lame douche bags that buys anything that you see a cool ad of. COME ON!!! You wonder why Apple is still alive and have all those “cool” store everywhere. Its because of these fanboys and douche bags, you know who I am talking about, those dudes that wears VERY VERY tight pants and walks in with a scarf even though its like 97 degrees outside. He does it cause its in a magazine. What you can’t be yourself? You can’t make an identity for yourself and just go along what a magazine say? Oh just because “Apple Insider” says the “Apple  Magic Track Pad is magical and shoots rainbows and grow unicorns”, you go believe and buy it?

Sigh~~~~ the sad thing is I am sure someone will come back and say to me..”well no one is forcing YOU to buy the stuff…” yeah, but this is my F’CKIN BLOG, I GET TO SAY WHAT I WANT SO F’CK OFF and GO WRITE YOUR OWN BLOG D*CK!! AND I STAND ALONG WHAT I SAID…..ITS A STUPID TRACKPAD, PEOPLE!!!!!

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