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Cool or BOO: USB Integrated Outlet on the Wall

Okay, so I never bought one of those USB power adpater for my IPod Touch,  I charge it on my computer using the USB wire that came with it.  It is a pain sometimes when I go travel, I have to bring my netbook so I will have a computer to charge my Touch, and other USB-powered gagdets.  So if USB is an option to charge, why not make it a standard for the socket on the wall.  I would love on of those, so I don’t even have to turn on my computer when all I want is just to charge my Ipod Touch.  It’s just so convenience!  And isn’t that the whole idea of USB-powered gagdets, to be convenence for the users?  Too bad I don’t think this socket is available in the US yet since it looks like it’s a 3-pin socket for the Asian region…  🙁

Designers: Lv Jianhua, He Dawei, Zhou Hanxiao & Xu Yao

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