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Nom Nom Nom – Review: Which Fast-Food French Fries Are Your Favorites?

First of all, who here likes to eat fast food? *raises hand” Guilty as charged. If so, what do you like most about fast food then? The burgers? McDonald’s “Happy Meal?” The toy that comes inside McDonald’s “Happy Meal?” Haha no? Oops, I guess that’s only me then. Well, if you’re like me, then one of your favorite things about fast food would be the… french fries! According to Wikipedia, the origin of the phrase “french fries” came from, of course, the French! (duhhhhh)

The phrase means potatoes fried in the French sense of the verb “to cook”, which can mean either sautéing or deep frying. While its French origin, frire, unambiguously means deep-frying, frites being its past participle is used with a plural feminine substantive, as in pommes de terre frites (“deep-fried potatoes”).

Um… yeah… whatever that meant. Anyways, chances are you’ve probably had fries from several different places before but do you have one single place where the fries are your absolute favorite? Well, in this review, I tried the fries from three different fast-food chains–McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s (and yes, all in one sitting too)–to find out which fries taste the best.

McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s
Review Date: August 2010

Burger King's fries

To start right off the bat, I’m going to eliminate the fries which I like the least first. In my opinion, the fries at Burger King only tasted okay. They were a bit bland and I didn’t really taste too much potato. They were a bit on the crispy side though, perhaps because of all the starchiness around the fries? Well, at least to me, it tasted like that though.

So now, it only comes down to being between McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s. First, McDonald’s: there was more of a potato taste in these fries than those at BK but, by far, these were the skinniest-looking ones of all three choices–BK and Wendy’s are a bit thicker in size. The fries at Wendy’s seem like the most flavorful–they had the most “potato” taste–but they were also a tad bit too salty (this could just be particular to the certain store where I got them from; the workers could have just sprinkled on too much salt on the fries that day). Crisp-wise, McDonald’s win in that department; whereas Wendy’s felt a bit soft.

McDonald's fries

And this is all with tasting without any ketchup. Even though I’m not a big fan of ketchup, I did try each brand of fries with the red tomato sauce. With ketchup, I did think it made the McDonald’s fries taste the best. Then comes Wendy’s, which, in my opinion, didn’t matter too much, with or without ketchup. And last but not least, comes Burger King. Don’t get me wrong, the ketchup actually made BK’s fries taste a bit better, but still not to my liking really though.

Wendy's fries

So all in all, the winner of the “best fast-food french fries” in my opinion goes to… Wendy’s! Nom nom nom! Even though the fries tasted a bit too salty, I overlooked that fact and just dipped them into more ketchup to neutralize the saltiness… hah! No really, I chose Wendy’s mainly because they seemed to be the tastiest and had the most “potato flavor.” Since french fries are made from potatoes, don’t you think they should at least taste like potato then instead of starchy goodness?? This was actually a tough choice for me. I have and will always love McDonald’s fries but I try not to let that bias sway into my decision. For some reason, I like how McD’s fries are so slim and crispy but I guess in the end, I prefer Wendy’s “softer” fries more. As for BK… blah. I’ve never really been a fan of their fries, if I may be frank.

Money (small size; tax included):

McDonald’s: $1.07
Burger King: $1.70
Wendy’s: $1.81

Wendy’s: A
McDonald’s: B+
Burger King: C

Which fast-food french fries do you like the best?

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  • Randall Flagg

    What a price difference as well! When I was a wee-lad, I worked in a grocery store. On Saturdays, the crew got split up for lunches 12pm and 1pm. We would go to the town next door where there was a McDonalds and a Wendy’s essentially right next to each other. We’d get meal and drink and Wendy’s, then go next door to get fries. Simple as that.

  • aleung

    my fav is mickey D’s. I can eat that any day.

  • ac

    i luv mcd’s … cos it’s soft xD
    maggie likes BK’s …cos it’s crispy

  • rkwan

    I actually like the FIVE GUYS restaurant. But outta all of three of these most go to Fast Food Chains, I would take MC’D for the win, then Wendy’s. Now I’m hungry for fries.

  • wip328

    Neither!!! MCD and Wendy’s fries are horrible!!! Especially when you leave them out for too long. MCD’s fries becomes hard and rubbery after 10 mins and Wendy’s are the same after leaving it out for 10 mins. BK has OK fries because its a bit crispier. Good fries should be crispy and like you said should have a strong potato flavor. In that case how can you overlook 5 Guys fries, granted in your 5Guys review you didn’t like the fries, but they are crispy and had enormous potato flavor (skin on) especially when they use Rigby, Idaho potatoes. Also how can you overlook other fast food places like Great Steak and Potato where their fries are all much more crispy and flavorful than the above 3 fast food chains. You need to try waffle fries from Chik Fil A, this is a fast food chain down here in the south where their waffle fries are excellent in quality and taste. I know taste and quality are a subjective thing, but a review like this should include more restaurants and choices. Arby’s, Jack in the Box, KFC, Popeyes etc. You need to come down to the south and eat out at some other places and then have another review.