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Rant of the Week – ChatRoulette

Well I knew it would happen sooner or later ever since I learned about AIM when I was a kid. Sooner or later, people will not talk to another REAL person face to face. They will go online and and type or chat. I thought I had social issues, with me ranting on this site ALL THE TIME!!…. hahaah no I am not EMO, but man, there is just so much stuff to rant about…..ANYWAY….. I just learned about this recently, so basically you log in and the site/app randomly put you on to chat with some random person. Sadly most of them that actually goes on there is horny guys hoping to get some kinda of skin from some random girl. While just thinking logically, that should and would never happen, not too sure why people think it would. I sickens me that people actually HOPING for it. I mean, maybe go get some real friends maybe? Is the people that actually log in really that sick and perverted? Then what is there to say that this guy is not some future-to-be rapist? I mean how would you even know that the girl is a “girl”. Some dudes that dresses up as girls are convincing, VERY CONVINCING. Shouldn’t the police be monitoring this site? I don’t know, I think its unnatural……. maybe I am old fashioned? Whatever……I guess good, spend all your time online with other dudes, while dudes like me can finally get a chance at the real chicks. But I love the clip I provided above though, HAHAHAAH SUCKA’s you have been scammed by hollywood….. HAHAHAAHAHA!!!! SOOOO…… whoes up for a viewing of the Last Exorcism?

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