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Nom Nom Nom – Review: Haru Boston

This week is another review of a Japanese sushi restaurant — Haru Boston. For those of you who are from this area, remember “Dick’s Last Resort” used to be at the Prudential Center? I know I know, that was a longgggg ass time ago but… if you haven’t been around there for an even longggggggggger period of time, “Dick’s” is no more, and this is where Haru is currently located at; it has been here for a while too.

Haru Boston
55 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02116

Review Date: August 2010

First of all, Haru is only okay, to speak quite frankly. I feel like after trying so many sushi restaurants around the Boston area, nothing really stands out at this place. I think they are trying to set themselves apart from other Japanese restaurants and be different, which hurts their rating a bit. To me, the food didn’t really seem “authentic” Japanese. I see they are trying to mix styles and create something new. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the creativity and creating new rolls or reinventing old ones, but at least use the same ingredients and make it look and taste better than other places. I just don’t think the value of the food is worth the price they charge, well that goes without saying for a lot of other places, but that applies more here. Speaking of the money factor, I wasn’t surprised by how much they charged here, considering it was right in downtown Boston and the fact that any real estate inside the Prudential Center isn’t really considered cheap.

As for the food, we ordered quite an array here. For appetizers, we had started with the: House Tempura Roll, Tuna Tataki, and “Symphony,” which is just a “layered tower of spicy super white tuna, salmon tartar, crab and caviar.” For the Maki’s, we had ordered: the Dice-K roll (a homage to the Red Sox’ Japanese star pitcher and the Boston UNcommon roll. The best appetizer from the list above I would have to say would be the House Tempura Roll, although the soy vinaigrette sauce for the avocado salad that came with the Tuna Tataki left me licking my chopsticks and wanting more. Mmm nom nom nom. The “Symphony” had a unique name and interesting description but after the first bite, it wasn’t really anything spectacular; didn’t really leave quite the “symphony” in my mouth after all. Out of the two maki rolls ordered, I liked the Boston UNcommon one more. Once again, the description for the Dice-K roll was interesting but it came out to be a bit bland. The Dice-K had a slice of mango on top but I couldn’t really taste it when I ate the whole piece with soy sauce and wasabi, so it just tasted like any other maki out there. Despite all that, the presentation of the food was really good though. Each maki roll had a piece of “gold leaf” on top. It looked like a piece of gold foil, was very flimsy, and just melted in your mouth but apparently it was edible and non-toxic.

Overall, Haru’s got a nice environment and setting. The service was good. The decor inside looked nice. It has a small bar with a few stools and a plasma TV. Very nice place to bring a date… or have a business dinner.

Money: $$$$ (out of 4)

Good date place? Yes, this place has quite the romantic setting, both with the decor and the dimly-lit lighting.

Grade: B+

Would I return? (Yay or nay): Yay… but only if I had a date…

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