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Cool or Boo: How Can People design such unuseful things???

Some people really have a creative mind and want to design something that can be helpful to other people.  And some just design and see if they can make money. There are people who will buy anything even if it’s the most impractical thing in the world.  But hey, if they can sell it, and someone buys it, why not make some money, right?

So, here are some products that I think are not that useful at all (at least to me). See if any of these you will actually be interested to buy?

1.  Plate For People Who Sit Between Two Tables

Yep, someone designed a plate exactly like what the title says, the plate that’s for people who sit in between two tables, and it’s the unbalanced, up-down situation that one table is taller than the other. The designer designed the plate not flat on the bottom, but rather one side of the plate is a “step” up, so the plate will fit nicely between the tables with one table slightly higher than the other.  Hmm… who would put two different height tables together, and can’t the person just move to the left or right table a little bit? You know what, I will just take my dinner and sit on the sofa and eat it there instead! 


Plate For People Who Sit Between Two Tables, Cool or Boo?

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2.   No more Soggy Mushy Cereal

Hurray~~ no more soggy mushy cereal that gets soaked in the milk for too long!!  Someone apparently applied the bathroom sink concept into a cereal bowl – a cereal bowl with a plug.  The idea is simple, works like your bathtub or sink, it has a plug that can retain or drain the milk to a second bowl that’s underneath it so your cereal will never sit in the milk for too long that it becomes all mushy.  All you have to remember is when to pull the plug.  Now the question is, how do I pull the plug when it is buried in cornflakes and milk?  You mean I have to stick my fingers in the milk and cornflakes to fish for the plug?? Ewww!!


No more Soggy Mushy Cereal, Cool or Boo?

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3.  Table of Trash

I swear this table is designed by a real designer, not some college student who purposely put the leg of table into a waste basket.  I mean, look at that design on how it curves in a precise angle at the end of the table, so if you slide a piece of trash on one end of the table, it will land smoothly into the waste bin at the other end of the table!!  Oh wait, I almost left out the most important part of this table: the material that is used is recyclable and lightweight which makes the whole weight of the table only 4kg. I sure hope the environmental and lightweight part were what the designer was going for. 

Table of Trash, Cool or Boo?

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4.  The ultimate protection for your iPhone 4

If you can have a armor for your iPhone 4, this will be it. This iPhone 4 metal case is made of stainless steel and includes a hinged lid and a elastic band for holding cards or money (the rubber band on the cover is a total plus!! so stylish!!). With the stainless steel, the hinged lid, the Hannibal design AND the very stylish high-quality rubber band, this case is selling for a very reasonable price of $95USD! Woohoo~~ If you want attention from people when talking on the phone, this case is a must-buy!  Forget about the free iPhone case from Apple for better call reception, what’s more important than style and looking cool (and crazy at the same time).


The ultimate protection for your IPhone 4, Cool or Boo?

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  • Randall Flagg

    cool or Boo: The amount of time taken to find these waste of products. My vote: BOO

  • legna

    oooh good point!! i didn’t thought about that! but i guess it’s lightweight enough that u could lift the table up.

  • rkwan

    I was interested in the angle table trash can one, however, I came to realize how does one dump the trash? I have to lift the table up.