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Click Click! 017: Did I catch that bird in the sky?

Source: Gizmag

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”-Just a simple guy with a camera

First of all, I’ve decided to do my photo challenge bi-weekly. Perhaps, this will be modified to weekly when I see fit. Wow, without this week’s photo, I bring to you something I find of interest: Expo 2010. This expo takes place from May 01, 2010, to October, 2010 in Shanghai, China and about more than 190 countries participated in it. In this Expo 2010, companies from all around the world show their latest gadgets and toys.

Not to mention, Canon chose to display its Canon Wonder Camera Concept. In 2030, Canon’s Wonder Camera will let you take those bird photos without you lugging around those heavy 400mm lens + extender.  This camera can take photos of dragonflies in macro to 5000mm of a nightingale  in focal length without changing the lens. What might seem impossible today might not be in 2030. In 1980, a computer only has 16kb of RAM. In 2010, a computer has xGBs of RAM. This is just like Moore’s Law.

Well anyways, Canon Wonder Camera Video in action after the break.

Source: Gizmag

So for next week’s Photo Challenge, let’s try the beauty of blurriness, Bokeh.

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