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Rant of the Week – oh wait wait… its just a KIA.

I am sure that anyone that is reading this post knows what I am talking about. You driving down on Newbury Street and you see this shiny new car that cut you off. I be like..”oh oh ok, its alrite I guess since its a european car, my car will never have such power…” then you notice something seems wrong. The styling is a bit wrong than the car that you read about in a car magazine. Then finally, a red light. You pull up close to the car infront of you and you finally noticed the logo. Its a KIA. You feel jipped. You feel like, “what? wait, can’t the driver afford the real thing? if not then why bother?”……… Trust me, I ask the same thing, but I also ask, “why can’t KIA come out with their own style instead of taking other peoples ideas and then just mix and match them and make a franken car out of it?”

Its like come on, why can’t they make up their own designs by now. I understand that in the beginning, where they are a new company or atleast they are trying to get into the US market they would mimic other brand name cars to get their cars flooded into the public. But by now, KIA is a brand that is like known already, so why not come up with some of your own designs? I hate to look at a BMW and then it turns out not to be a BMW. Even their future concept hybrid car looks like a ford focus…(picture above, the girls are pretty though…….ahem*miss do you come with the car?*ahem..). What the hell? Come on…..DON’T BE LAZY, THINK OF YOUR OWN FOR ONCE!!!

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