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Super Creepy Pokemon …

Well first of all, there is no way that you don’t know about Pokemon, so don’t make me explain the whole concept and yes I played atleast one of them, hey its a best selling franchise of all time. Anyway its a hack but still super creepy in a way. I guess more realistic that pokemon can get? Its a long read from the original site but basically its a hacked up game. Its called Pokemon Black, not Pokemon Black Chaos…..note, its another hack but its different. The “Black” version makes you use a “ghost” pokemon, and what it does is that when you defeat a others, your game flashes and the pokemon disappears…..usually in a regular game it just “faints” and the player get to reuse it the next time. But not in this version, things DO die and there are graveyards, YAH!!! By the end of the game, the player is to fight the very same “ghost” pokemon but you are not able to do anything, the “ghost” always wins with its ONLY move…”CURSE” and when it wins, you expect credits, NO, your Gameboy freezes into a black screen. Like the original author said…”not sure what this means, is it trying to symbolize something?”… idea, but I think the player is actually cursed……. Can you imagine if the player actually dies too in a certain amount of days? Just like The Ring…..oooh that is sooo cool…..Anyway if you have a slow day, give it a read……its much more creepy there in full.

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