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Click Click! 016: No Flash and Indoors?

"High ISO Extreme" F5.6 | 1/30 | ISO 3200

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!” -Just a simple guy with a camera

There’s nothing right or wrong in photography, this week we had a simple challenge which is to shoot indoors but with no flash. The challenge in itself is the time of the day that you actually shoot.  Daytime being the easiest since you have natural light. Nigh time is where the challenge is. Sometimes when shooting indoors, or evening, you want to preserve the natural color of the subject, hence bypassing using flash. Well there are actually quite a few more items that you can do to set your exposure, but the easiest is…

"Lowest ISO" F5.6 | 1.3 sec | ISO 100

Changing the ISO setting.

ISO is the light sensitivity. Generally a higher number ISO would mean more light sensitivity therefore allowing you take photos in a low light situation.  Well, can’t I always take photos with high ISO?  Photography like everything else has a balance. Higher ISO means more noise (grainier) in the photo.

To display the two extremes in ISO, I shoot two photos one in ISO 100 and one in ISO 3200. Actually, the ISO 1600 photo quality looks much better than the ISO 3200, but I like the ISO 3200’s composition much better.


1.  The easiest exposure to shoot better in a low light situation or freeze an action is to increase ISO. (Higher ISO could means more noise. Find your balance!)

2. I typically use these guidelines for ISO settings: ISO 100 (daytime), ISO 800 (low light like aquarium)

I have been thinking about doing the photo challenge as a bi-weekly (or completely taking it out).  Surely this in doubt will allow me to have more time in researching and produce my work for the photo challenge.

The status of Click Click's photo challenge is in your hands? Weekly, Bi-weekly or remove it altogether?

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Last, thank you again for your photo submissions, and many of them were great. You can find additional photos and many user submissions in the gallery view. If you have any questions or tips or like this article, please email me at

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