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Rant of the Week – Look lady, don’t be stupid and cry about it…

So last week I read an article about a lady that needed DELL support cause she lost some nudie pics of herself that she claims to only for her boyfriend only. Look first of all, if they are only for your bf, why the hell would you be asking a DELL support where the pics are anyway? The DELL support don’t have to view the pics on purpose, he could have accidentally clicked on it and it showed up on the preview on the side bar in windows. Why the hell would you ask some DELL support to look for your nudie pics? The only reason I could think of is that she wanted him to find it. COME ON!!! you are not a total idiot, you know how to use a computer, you even know how to save the pics into your computer but yet you can’t find it where you saved them to? You do a simple search on your whole computer and they eventually will find it. That doesn’t make sense already. PLUS she has a kid, which kid does not know how to use a computer these days? They know more than I do and I graduated from a CS major.

So ultimately the DELL support guy took the pics infront of her, which is another surprising is that she actually able to recognize that the DELL guy is stealing her pics. Then the dude put it up on a porn site. NOW…what I wanted to know is that, how did he do it? how did send the files? FTP? EMAIL? I mean, he gotta left some kinda of trace. If the lady wanted to, she can give it to the cops or something and they can trace it, maybe? I don’t know the whole legal/illegal thing….BUT BUT if I was the DELL guy, I would be so scared that I left some kinda of trace.

Now the next mystery, now after many sexual harassing emails from people all over the net, you would think she would learn her lesson. OOOOH NO!! she called the DELL guy up and ask her what she should do next. The DELL guy told her to send her computer to him and he will fix everything up for her. Now your face is plastered ALL over the net on a porn site, would you trust that guy again? And how the hell did she get his direct line anyway? So ultimately she sent the computer in like he asked. WHAT THE HELL?

Now not only have her naked pics all over the web, she also has her credit card account stolen and used. And you would think she would go to some authority by now….OOOH NO!!! She called that DELL guy up again….. WHAT THE HELL LADY!!!

So are you telling me that this lady is so desperate to have her computer working she doesn’t mind he nude pics and credit card stolen? I just don’t get this story. I mean how can the media blame the DELL guy entirely? Its the lady stupidity that caused this BS to happen. COME ON!!! I can pity someone that is so silly really, I don’t want to say dumb, thats just rude……but man……please someone say it for me…..

Here is a link to the actual story.

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