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Cool or Boo: Smart Fridge for People who Don’t Know How to Cook

Who has time to think about what to cook for dinner everyday after work and have the time to actually cook it?  I say the trend of the young generation is to eat take out and frozen dinner!  Plus they have so many varieties of microwave dinner nowaday, you can have international feast everyday of the week!  Okay… I admit it, those are just my excuses to coverup the  fact that I don’t know how to cook.

Well, I actually know how to cook a little bit, if I want to, but it’s such a hassle to think about what to cook for dinner every night, and should I buy a whole week of grocery or get the ingredients after I decide what to cook  for that night? 

I think I need the Smart Fridge designed by Ashley Legg.  The idea for the Smart Fridge is to encourage  the young generation who do not cook to do more healthy home cooking.  How this fridge works is you input what groceries you buy with the Fridge’s touchscreen door, and you tell the Fridge which meal you want to make, and  based on what you have in the Fridge, it will generate a list of recipes for you to choose.  What even better is, the Smart Fridge will instruct you how to make the dish step by step!  Wow, cooking cannot be easier than this (well it can, when people start building robot that will cook for you.)!  🙂

A Smart Fridge that tells me what to do....

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