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Rant of the Week – Is there really a quota?

Ok, I admit, I am not the perfect driver, but I am not a crazy driver as some people I know say I am. No one has died yet and I can say that so far I only have been in one major accident that took out the front axle of a SAAB 9-5 with Turbo on a rainy day……the keyword is “RAINY DAY”. I thought I was going to die…BUT ANYWAY, back to my ranting. Is there really a end of the month quota? Today is 27th, so 4 more days till a new month starts. I notice there IS more police patrol cars hiding in the corner somewhere waiting for careless drivers speed. I also do notice that in the early weeks of the month there is not so much. Now there is a legend or rumors or whatever you want to call it, that they have a quota each month that they have to fill. So as if ripping tax money from our paychecks is not enough they need to give us tickets on random to get MORE money.

Ok, like I said I never claimed to be the perfect driver BUT I remembered that once I got pulled over and got a ticket because I was 5 miles over the limit? WHAT THE HELL? What happened to the buffer/padding? I also noticed that when I got it was towards end of the month. I remember that I got another ticket for driving on the left most lane on the pike, yeah yeah…. the left most lane is for passing other vehicles only when it is not during rush hours BUT it was 4:55PM, 5 minutes before officially “rush hour” time. The dude pulled me over and gave me a ticket for traveling on the left most lane. I see TONS of people drive on the left most lane ALL the time. How come THEY didn’t get pulled over?

Another time I got pulled over because I turned my signal light off just a little too soon and I was given a ticket for “driving recklessly”. I was like..”what the hell?”, the dude actually told me that he didn’t see my signal light. So he didn’t see it, and I was a fault? Should he be paying attention to the road then?

I wouldn’t be posting this post if they didn’t ALL happen end of the month, which they all did. Its starting to develop a pattern here. If there is a quota, atleast don’t make it so obvious and wait till end of the month and just pull any random person and give them a ticket. Its not fair. What if I gave THEM a ticket everytime their police patrol car pass by my house end of the month for waking me up at nite? How they like it?

I know what some of you gonna say already…”ooh you can go dispute it if you want, so stop posting shit like this…”….. well first of all..well I post what I want since its my post so …..F**K OFF!! and for real unless you have too much free time in your hand, do you really want to go to dispute it every freakin time? If you say..”Yeah I would..”, well good luck to you….

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