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Rant of the Week – Please don’t marry your game….

Virtual girlfriends, has society gone so bad that guys don’t even bother with trying to get a girlfriend and just buy a game? Games like Dead or Alive Paradise and the more popular one recently in Japan, Love PLUS. When I was growing up as a teen we had Tokimeki Memorial, another dating sim, but trust me I never played it, I don’t even want to bother. I actually tried to get a girl, not much luck but I tried to get a real one. But for some people now these days, telling people that they actually “love” the virtual character, some actually got to the point where they marry the virtual girl. If you think about it, is it fair for the virtual girl? Did those guys ever think about the girl? Did she really say yes to the proposal? The poor girl didn’t have a choice, she is stuck in a predetermined set of conditions to be carried out if certain conditions is met. Love PLUS is one thing, Dead or Alive Paradise, you have girls in bikini playing volleyball. Did the player ever think about the girls? Do they really want to play volleyball in bikinis? Do they really want to play volleyball? Not saying its not sick to go all goo-goo-gaga over a virtual girl, but if you really respect the girl, would you not play and respect her and let her do what she wants? I don’t know, maybe I am overthinking it since I never play those games. I think those games will the be the downfall of society and communication between humans.

BUT I digress, is it all the mens fault to fall in love with a virtual girl? If you think about it, the real reason that guys that does fall for them is because its easier that real life. In real life I was told girls are evil. If girls are anything like their virtual conterparts, would you think guys will be marrying virtual girls? I still wouldn’t even all the girls out there rejects me, thats just me, but some guys can’t take it. All the media, TV, movies, games, etc doesn’t make it easier for us average Joes either. You have more and more girls that raises their bar to those imaginative standards, how are we regular schmoes that actually work in a office and not in a gym 24 hours a day suppose to compete with them? Look we all are not movie stars and we aren’t all MAD rich.

But let me get back to topic, my rant is about guys marrying virtual girls, not bashing girls. Guys come on, are you so sad and desperate that you just marry a virtual girl? I would rather die alone than marry a virtual girl. OOOOOOH don’t even get me started with those people that actually marry a blowup doll. Thats just horrible. NO i didn’t think about it, it just so happens that there was a HBO special on a dude that married his own blowup doll. SIGH~~~ come on….. no pain no gain, don’t take the easy way out and just marry a freakin object. It will be end of the world and society. It will be end of our human species. Unless cloning is perfected we still need to make babies for the next generation. Ok not everyone will get the chance, but still don’t marry an object, what does that make you look like? All that makes you look like is a desperate perverted lazy bum, want to get a girl but don’t want to spend the effort and time. SAD…..just SAD!!!

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