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Craiglist swapping, want a house? want a car? uuumm want a uummm wife?

So ok, maybe NOT a wife, well then again, mail order brides…….ahem** let me get back to topic, so this kid traded a old phone that one of his friends gave him for free….and after 14 swaps on craigslist, he got a Porshe. It didn’t say it was brand new, but still a Porshe. There is another story floating on the net that a dude started out with a red paper clip..(yes a ‘red’ paper clip, maybe its the color? not sure but I have tons of paper clips and I just don’t see much worth out of it…)….ended up with a house. Who needs loans? Who needs payments? just look for a paper clip or something that you don’t use anymore and start swapping. Hey I guess this is what it means when someone says……..Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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