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ABC3 Podcast: Episode 16 – EVIL Cameras

No, your camera hasn’t been possessed by an evil spirit just yet… Listen here to find out more about this new technology that is called EVIL cameras. (Podcast after the jump)


Here are some of the cameras that we talked on the show.

Ricoh GXR, let me make the correction here, there is actually 3 models, A12 and S10 we talked in the show, but there is also a P10 which is about $500 but it comes with a 10x optical zoom, while the A12 and S10 doesn’t.

For more info on Ricoh’s GXR..

We didn’t mention it in the show cause we were focusing on the Sony NEX 5 but there is actually a NEX 3 as well. Again the NEX 5 will unload you off around $700, while the NEX 3 will be around $500

For more info on on Sony’s NEX series..

Hey, just because its older, doesn’t mean its no competition to the new ones. The Panasonic DMC-G1 is one of the pioneers that of the “EVIL” cameras.

For more info on Panasonic DMC-G1

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