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Click Click! 013: Fluffy Clouds

the morning sun

Every Wednesday of the week, I’ll share with you my moments of Photography in this Blog: “Click Click!”
-Just a simple guy with a camera

It’s just got to be one of the strangest topics ever. I had an early start on this since you can find cloud everywhere. It just so happen that I was getting ready to go to work, getting my bowl of chex ready, and I noticed these clouds were flowing out of my window. So don’t lose my chance at the opportunity, I took a few photos. And I’m almost late for work.

To do this particular above feature shot, I put my tri-pod right on my desk, and then goes click, click, click. The reason for tripod is that clouds does in fact move.

Fluffy Clouds: Marshmallows?

The thing I find about clouds that they are great as a background, however, it became quite challenging by themselves. Well, while I was eager to capture the sun’s light rays and the details of the clouds. I would’ve done a better job if I had a polarizing filter which should increase the contrast between the dark clouds, and the sky.  Hey, but that could be bad as well. What do you think? The more I look at this, the more I think there has to be something that I can do better on: Exposure?

Well to get good cloud photos (by themselves), you surely need to make sure to use rules of thirds (explained in future posts), a shape of something it resembles, or repeating patterns.

So Don’t Do: Do not point your camera directly at sunlight, it may damage your lens sensors.

For next week’s subject, here is 2 criteria to fulfill next weeks’ subject: Round and Blue.

Lastly, thank you again for your photo submissions, and many of them were great. You can find one below, and many others in the gallery view. If you have any questions or tips, please email me at, and if you like this article, please rate it.

BLAW's cloud submission. Thanks!!!

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