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Rant of the week – Why can’t the weather people ever get it right?

Sigh~~~~ last weekend was wasted. I could have gone out and done things but OOOOH NO!!! I had to believe in the weather report. With all the fancy satellites in the sky and SUPER computers that they have, you would think they would predict the weather somewhat correct. OOOHHH NO!!!… they predicted that last Saturday and Sunday would rain ALL DAY till monday. Yes I went to and it said…RAIN every freakin hour. Don’t tell me..”ooh its the weather, they can’t really fully predict it…”…fu** man, then why the hell are they being paid? Why the hell are they on TV?…..How come NASA satellites and their weather people can predict correctly? Yes they have their own weather people just like our airport has its own weather reporting crew. They predict it so it can tell where the shuttle or planes when is a good time to land if there is bad weather they need to circle the air or etc.

Do the weather forcasters know HOW important it is for people to know the weather? I would assume especially for farmers. They need to know what is going to happen, are we going to get hale? Are we going to get frost? They need to know these things. We as people leave our lives to these people to tell us what we should be ready for but yet again and again they fail us. Shouldn’t some one punish someone already? Sick and tired of wasting my summer away with faulty weather reports.

I know I can’t really blame them for misses on weather, I mean who can really control the weather? Well maybe Storm from X-men, if she was real but other than that? I guess God or the Gods up there does. Who am I a mere smidget of a mortal in this vast universe to complain that the weather guy on channel 4 can’t get the weather right? I can’t, really, BUT….BUT!!! If they were to get paid to do something, and I assume a good pay too, would you think that the weather should be atleast 75% correct? NO…..we had 1 hour rain showers on each day, and the rest of the day was sunny and HOT + HUMID, I add. COME ON!! if they don’t know, wouldn’t it be better to just say..”Oh I don’t know guys, I just wish you all the best of luck about the weather cause we here can’t tell…”. But oh no, they give us something like…”ooh there will be a 20% chance of rain…”….what the HELL DOES THAT MEAN? REALLY!! If its SO LOW, then why bring it up at all? OR raise it up so it atleast people won’t be regretting spending a day indoors. Not that I regret it, well I do, but…..sigh~~ I just wished I could have enjoyed the nice day out with the fair of rain.

SIGH~~~ my point, Weather man, please give me a good report for this weekend……………………………………………………………………………… DAMN IT!!! ANOTHER RAINY WEEKEND!!!!! ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

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  • Randall Flagg

    weather in NE is an in-exact science – as you shouid know. between the water and the mountains, there are lots of varaibles. Its not like Florida where you can say “chance of afternoon T-Storm” every day – and be right. I would read the text of the forcast – and not just the pretty pictures that sum up 12 or 24 hours in 1 of 6 graphics.

  • blaw

    uummmm the meteorologists gets paid to tell us what the weather is, if he can’t even get the weather right, they why bother? I rather have it snowing, atleast it will be cold, I would be wearing a coat already…..

  • akwan

    Welcome to New England. Welcome to summer. It is truly inevitable that it will rain sooner or later. You’re lucky that it wasn’t snowing out. You just have to face the facts, weather, is surely an unpredictable thing. The meteorologists can do all they can to give the most accurate weather forecast for one day, but Mother Nature can change her mind at the very last minute and give us different weather. It could be worse; it could be like Florida, where it’s sunny during the day and then thunderstorms can erupt at any moment later without any warning, or vice versa. Or, have you seen it be raining in the middle of one part of the street and then 10 feet over to the left and right it could be clear and sunny?

  • blaw

    Dude, your lawn is small compared to the farms. Imagine a farmer did the same thing you did, he checked the weather and oooh… and said…”wow heat wave and no rain, so let me turn on the irrigation system…”…..but all of a sudden, DOWNPOUR!!……so now he has over watered his crops, wasted money on water, from overwatering, crops could have died. He has no crops to deliver to Stop & Shop, and then people can’t get their tomatoes. And then there is tomato shortage…..BAM!! ….

  • blaw

    Dude, $88k is still money, I think if they get paid to do something specifically, then they need to deliver a good job, otherwise, why should they be doing what they be doing?

  • jqhuynh

    Nice rant, Boyd! I’m with you on this one. The weather is really important for me too. Your day revolves around the weather. This summer for example. I especially count on it to let me know when/if I can expect rain. For example a few weeks ago, I was out in my back yard watering with sprinklers. First thing I did when I woke up was check the weather. I checked multiple sources to make sure. Prediction was sunny all day. WTF, I was watering for 4 hours then all of a sudden a F’in downpour. I wasted 4 hours on Saturday (you know how precious our weekends are) as well as money. My fucking water bill isn’t going to look too good.

    In regards to meteorologists, they don’t make that much money. Average in the US, it looks to be $88K according to

    Is this why the weather isn’t accurate? Because they’re not getting paid like true scientists? WTF yo!

    Thanks for ruining the rest of my afternoon, single guy!

  • legna

    i always have that complaint all t he time too!! they can’t get the weather right!!! and they get paid so much for reading off the script how the week’s weather is supposed to be!