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Daigo Umehara wins EVO Super Street Fighter IV Championship Title again…

So for folks that doesn’t know who Daigo Umehara is, he has been the champion for the last like 7 years or so, starting from Super Street Fighter II Turbo till the latest and greatest SSFIV…. Dudes… I know this is like…”yeah whatever….” but come on, some respect or take it as a warning, if you guys play online and so happens fight against a dude with a online ID is “the Beast” or “Daigo”, yeah, good luck to you. And if you so happen that you lose, don’t feel bad, I am sure we all would. Here is the clip of this year’s fight, and following is a clip that made him famous thru out the world.

Yes, he countered Chun-Li’s special (automatic moves) with all (manual input) parry counters…… Yeah I like to see you pull that.

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